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Online Chat
Commercial Office :
Jl. PLN No.1 Moch. Toha
Bandung 40255
West Java - Indonesia
Phone/Fax. +6222.5211480
e-mail: customercare@indohadetama.com
Technologies Fluorescence Flow Cytometry method:
DC sheath flow method: RBC, HCT, PLT
Cyanide-free SLS method: HGB
Neut%, Lymph%, Mono%, Eo%, Baso%,
Neut#, Lymph#, Mono#, Eo#, Baso#,
Throughput 80 samples/hour
Aspiration Volume sampler or manual closed mode: 150ìL
manual open mode: 85ìL
capillary mode: 40ìL
Data Storage 10,000 samples (incl. graphics)
5,000 patients’ information
1,000 selective test orders
Quality Control Comprehensive QC files including
“Current” and “New” lot feature
1 XbarM file with 300 data points
Online QC
Interfaces Host, line printer, graphic printer
Dimensions/Weights Main unit: 20.5x24.8x19.7/114.6
wx h x d [in]/[lbs] Sampler: 20.5x 8.7x 4.3/15.4
Pneumatic unit: 11.2x 14x 15.8/35.3
Standard Rack sampler for 50 sample tubes
Hand-held barcode scanner
Success of excellence cytometry platform of the 
built on the modern fluorescent flow 
reliable system requiring minimum 
maintenance (just one shut-down cycle/day)
Valuable information  excellent WBC differential with low review 
with diagnostic impact rate due to fluorochrome staining of cells
accurate RBC and PLTcount determined 
by a hydrodynamic focusing system
cumulative patient data and Delta Check 
Easy to use Windows 2000 graphical user interface
for quantitative flagging, 
adjustable according to laboratory needs
comprehensive software programs for inter- 
nal and external quality control on board
Cost effective two random access selective test profiles
real time bi-directional Host communication
network capability for integration 
into a productive laboratory environment
Flexible Information Processing Unit (IPU) 
with customizable display
optional components 
for flexible configurations


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